Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

of the services provided by Upi Beauty 

Part I. General principles

The working hours of Upi Beauty  e from 8.00 am to 20:00 hours. Information about working hours of individual facilities and staff schedules is obtained from reception.

Members and visitors of the Club are required at each visit to register at the reception.

Each service is prepaid at the reception. Smoking in all areas of the club is strictly prohibited.


The membership in Upi Beauty and Spa happens only after invitation. The invitee must fill, sign and submit the form at the reception, which agrees to abide the house rules. Upi Beauty & Spa guarantees the confidentiality of personal data. The club reserves the right to change the conditions of membership or the method of approval of membership.

Membership cards

The membership card is personal and can not be granted to another.

Corporate card

Employees of one company can use common account in Upi Beauty , but with separate ID cards for each member. The total account is loaded with a certain amount, which is distributed according to the wishes of the company members. Discount is made on the total bill.

Rights of Members and visitors

Each member and visitor to the Club Upi Beauty can use facilities in accordance with the rules of internal order.

Obligations of members and visitors

Each member and visitor of Upi Beauty  must:

  • protect the good name of Upi Beauty 
  • comply with the Rules of internal order
  • comply with the convenience of other members and visitors
  • protect the property of Upi Beauty 
  • be responsible for personal belongings.

Termination of the membership

Each member of Upi Beauty  may terminate its membership at any time without notice. VIP discount cards would be withdrawn if the customer has not visited Upi Beauty  for a period of 6 months.

Upi Beauty  may terminate the membership rights of a member, who violates the Rules of internal order.

For incurred damages or suffered losses of personal belongings, Upi Beauty  is not responsible.

The use of facilities by a member or visitor of Upi Beauty  in a way violating their integrity or in a manner that led to the failure of further use creates prerequisites for seeking financial liability from Upi Beauty  against the offender.


Reservations are made on a subscription basis. In the presence of available single hours, members and visitors can make single reservations. Reservations are accepted by telephone, Internet (only in the presence of sufficient amount of the membership profile) or in person at the reception. Upi Beauty  guarantees only  paid reservations and those made through the reception. Otherwise Upi Beauty  reserves the right to sell the booked hour. Cancellations are updated daily.

Members, waiting for reservations would be notified in person or by phone as soon as possible.

Reservations are subject to inspection in order to avoid unauthorized use of the facilities.


Club members must be in a sports wear and sneakers. The instructor in the gym must provide to the beginners initial guidance on how to use the facilities. Members and visitors can book a workout with an instructor. Individual facilities can not be reserved. Allowed are only workouts with weights and exercises with machines.

It is mandatory to have a towel spread on instruments that are used in a supine position.

Prohibited are all contact sports.

Instructors are authorized to suspend every athlete’s workout if their actions could damage the property of Upi Beauty 

The access of non-sporting persons is not allowed. Children up to the age of 10 can use the devices only with an instructor.

Members and visitors of the Club Upi Beauty  should comply with the instructions of the fitness trainer.

Changing rooms

Lockers are available to the athletes only for the duration of their visit. Upi Beauty  is not responsible for loss or damage of personal belongings left in lockers. Locker, which remains locked after the end of the workday will be opened by the management of Upi Beauty , the damages are on account of the last one, who used it. Abandoned property is kept for 20 days.


Members and visitors of Upi Beauty  could get information about the use of the sauna from reception. It is mandatory the use of Flip Flops or sandals in the room. It is forbidden the use of honey and other products that may damage the surfaces at the sauna.


Members and visitors of the Club could get information about the use of the sunbeds from reception. After using solarium, glasses are returned to the reception.


Preliminary reservations are made at the reception. Massage, began with a delay for reasons beyond the control of Upi Beauty  should be completed within the planned time for the massage and schedule. It is mandatory the use of Flip Flops or sandals in the room. Massage therapists must warn, that anti-cellulite massages are power and it is possible to form a superficial haematomas.