• Gym card 6 visits /valid for 1 month/ – 75 lv. *gift: one-time visit sauna                                                                                                                                                  


• Sauna card 6 visits /valid for 1 month/ – 90 lv. *gift: one-time visit gym                                                                                         


• Solarium card 60 min. /valid for 2 months/ – 50 lv.                                               


• Keratin therapy for hair with Joico press – 40 lv. /The keratin press is an innovative method for restoring dry and damaged hair by straightening. Liquid keratin penetrates directly into the core of the hair, and the surface of the hair is smooth and shiny./ *gift: hand exfoliation   

NEW Restoring hair dryer Repair, Eleven – 45 lv. /Nourishes damaged and treated hair and provides thermal protection with the help of shampoo enriched with aloe vera for scalp conditioning and care with green tea to improve hair health, quinoa to restore damaged hair and hydrolyzed rice protein to increase hair volume./ *gift: point massage head                                                      


• Faby organic manicure – 35 lv. /Saturated colors with natural ingredients that preserve the strength of the nails and stimulate their growth./

• Classic manicure with O.P.I gel polish – 40 lv. /Gel polish with exceptional shine and a variety of long-lasting colors./ *gift: hand exfoliation                                                          


• Hydrating face massage with cannabis and almond /30 min./ – 45 lv. /Combination between facial massage and 100% natural hemp and almond oil, rich in unsaturated fats Omega 3-6 acids, vitamins A, B, C and E perfectly hydrate, regenerate and protect skin./ *gift: gentle facial exfoliation

• Facial cleansing therapy Hydraclean, Guinot /30 min./ – 45 lv. /Painless way to clean the skin in depth. The heating thermal tip, in combination with cleansing and cooling gels, eliminates excess toxins from the skin – without inflammation and redness./ *gift: hand exfoliation

• Needle-free mesotherapy for the eye contour Cryolift and point massage of the face /20 min./ – 45 lv. /Instantly lifts the eye contour, using a device with a stabilized temperature of -10 C and an active gel with procollagen./ *gift: draining eye mask

• Detoxifying facial therapy Spirulina, Thalgo /60 min./ – 145 lv. /Thanks to the innovative complex with blue-green algae included in the product formulas, the procedure effectively eliminates toxins, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, refreshes, revitalizes and restores the radiant glow of the skin. The results are visible immediately after the first treatment: detoxified, smoother and revitalized skin./ *gift: point massage head

• Beautifying facial card, including 4 therapies: two Оxygen therapies with snail and allntoin Ribeskin /30 min./ and two Needle-free facial mesotherapy Alma Beauty Reboost /60 min./ – 365 lv. *gift: ultrasonic facial cleansing                                                                                                                                         


• Lymphatic drainage of the body with Therabody boots /20 min./ – 35 lv. /Lymphatic drainage with compression boots enhances blood circulation, relieves muscle fatigue and reduces swelling and pain in the legs. *gift: hand massage     

 • Anti-cellulite massage with caffeine concentrate, ivy and L-carnitine /40 min./ – 65 lv. /Effectively fights cellulite by stimulating the process of burning fat deposits and detoxifying the body./ *gift: finishing body product

• Toning massage with grapefruit /50 min./ – 75 lv. /The combination of massage and grapefruit oil nourishes and energizes, bringing unforgettable pleasure and relaxation to the mind and body./ *gift: head massage



/The device is based on a unique sapphire cooling technology.Suitable for all seasons. Achieves safe, effective and painless hair removal/ 


• Laser epilation of the back and armpits – 160 lv. *gift: enzyme exfoliation   


• Laser hair removal intimate and underarms – 135 lv. *gift: finishing cream