• Gym card 7 visits /valid for 1 month/ –  85 lv. *gift: vanilla protein shake                                                   


• Massage collar /15 min./ and a one-time visit to the sauna – 40 lv.

• Sauna card 6 visits /valid for 1 month/ – 70 lv. *gift: solarium /5 min./                                                 


• Solarium card /35 min./ – 30 lv. *gift: one-time visit to the gym


• Day make-up and hair dryer for volume and shine Joico – 105 lv. *gift: nourishing hand mask

• Beautifying face and body massage „Happiness“ /70 min./ – 95 lv. *gift: one-time sauna visit                                             


• Hair straightening with Steam Pod steam press – 45 lv. /Revolutionary and gentle straightening, as a result of which the hair is smooth, shiny and hydrated./ *gift: Moroccanoil restorative hair mask

Moroccanoil express hair dryer and O.P.I manicure – 65 lv. /Washing with intensively hydrating shampoo and care for every hair type, enriched with argan oil and valuable plant extracts./ *gift: hand exfoliation

• Thickening treatment for hair Tripple Impact and hair dryer, Kevin.Murphy – 70 lv. /Patented technology combining the best of nature, which gives dazzling shine, density and volume to the hair./ *gift: Kevin.Murphy restorative hair mask                                                      


Andreia vegan manicure – 30 lv. /Cleansing and shaping the nail plate, pushing back the cuticles and applying a color strengthener enriched with argan oil, vitamin C and vitamin B5. The products have a 100% vegan formula, without parabens and acetone, nourishing and strengthening the nails./ *gift: hand exfoliation

O.P.I classic manicure and pedicure –60 lv. /Varnish with exceptional shine and a variety of long-lasting, quick-drying colors./ *gift: aromatic foot salts                                      


• Beautifying face massage with moringa extract /20 min./ – 45 lv. /Deeply hydrates, brightens the skin of the face and smoothes fine lines./ *gift: gentle facial exfoliation 

• Facial cleansing therapy Hydraclean, Guinot /30 min./ – 45 lv. /Painless way to clean the skin in depth. The heating thermal tip, in combination with cleansing and cooling gels, eliminates excess toxins from the skin – without inflammation and redness./ *gift: nourishing hand mask

• Homeopathic facial exfoliation, point massage and mask, Gernetic  /25 min./ – 65 lv. *gift: a relaxing hand massage

• Renewing facial peeling therapy Hydra PH, Guinot /60 min./ –  120 lv. /Hydrating enzyme peeling with anti-age effect that smoothes and renews the skin of the face with the help of natural cellulose particles and papaya extracts. This is followed by a revitalizing massage and a regenerating mask./ *gift: heated spa boots

• Needle-free facial mesotherapy with a cocktail of silicon and lipoic acid and the Alma Beauty Reboost device /60 min./ –  120 lv. /Needle-free mesotherapy, skin effects, through acoustic waves and concentrated cocktails. This is followed by a relaxing massage and a firming mask. The face is cleansed with lactobionic acid, Rooibos extract vitamin B5 and a soothing face mask with black charcoal./ *gift: hydrating hand mask 

• Regenerating facial card including three Guinot therapies: 1. Hydradermie Cellular Energy Youth; 2. Age Summum facial and hand therapy; 3. Hydradermie Cellular Energy Lift – 435 lv. *gift: Guinot eyes ionophoresis                                        


• Body honey therapy /20 min./ –  35 lv. /Massage with honey is the most natural and exceptionaleffective detox therapy. Honey has an extremely high quality for purifying the body fromtoxins accumulated over the years and is a powerful antioxidant./ *gift: finishing body product

• Anti-cellulite body massage with hot pepper /30 min./ – 45 lv. *gift: slimming final body product

• Sports massage of the back and legs with magnesium /40 min./ – 55 lv. /Restorative thick massage with magnesium-enriched oil, which relaxes the muscles and improves the flexibility of the body./ *gift: electric head massage

• Warm body massage with scented candle /50 min./ – 65 lv.  /The combination of the massage and the warm candle nourishes and energizes, bringing unforgettable pleasure and relaxation to the spirit and body./ *gift: a one-time visit to the aromatherapy sauna


/The device is based on a unique sapphire cooling technology.Suitable for all seasons. Achieves safe, effective and painless hair removal/ 


• Laser hair removal: half legs and an additional area -95 lv. *gift: enzyme legs exfoliation   


• Laser hair removal: private parts and armpits – 125 lv.*gift: finishing cream to delay hair growth