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The gym in UPI Beauty & Spa is equipped with Life Fitness appliances.

No matter what your goal is we will take care for your best motivation and correct implementation of your training regime.

Besides classical fitness workout recently in Upi Beauty & Spa can try Fit Yoga – a vigorous yoga practice to increase strength, flexibility, and concentration, a combination of dynamic and static performed yoga asanas leading to fat burn.

You can also try Stretching workout, which focuses on the pressure to stretch the muscle tissues and tendons improving overall health.


Gym 1 visit 15 lv

Membership gym cards

8 visits gym 1 month – 80 lv
12 visits gym 2 months  – 120 lv

Gym card /unlimited access/ /1 month/ – 130 lv
Gym card /unlimited access/ /2 months/ – 240 lv

Gym card /unlimited access/ 3 months – 340 lv
Gym card /unlimited access/ 6 months – 640 lv

Gym and sauna cards

8 visits gym and sauna /1 month/ – 155 lv
12 visits gym and sauna /2 months/ – 220 lv
Unlimited access /1 month/ – 230 lv

VIP cards

Gym, sauna, solarium /unlimited access/ /1 month/ – 255 lv