• Gym card 10 visits /valid for 2 months/ – 99 lv.      

• Winter fitness card unlimited access /valid for 3 months/ – 330 lv. *gift: sauna card 4 visits                                                                                       


• Sauna card 10 visits /valid for 2 months/ – 99 lv.                                                             

• Winter sauna card unlimited access /valid for 3 months/ – 330 lv. *gift: fitness card 4 visits 


• Solarium card 120 min. /valid for 3 months/ – 95 lv. *gift: one-time solarium product


• Hydrate Me hair therapy, Kevin.Murphy – 60 lv. /Scalp washing and massage with nourishing shampoo, followed by a deeply hydrating hair mask with nettle and rosehip extract. This is followed by a restorative serum with immortality./ *gift: point massage on the head

L`Oreal ammonia hair dye and Moroccanoil hair dryer – 80 lv. /Permanent hair dye with high resistance to fading, penetrating deep into the hair and providing longer-lasting color./ *gift: Moroccanoil thickening hair mask

• Restorative therapy for dry and damaged hair in four steps JOICO – 95 lv. /Wash with deep cleansing shampoo and care with 19 amino acids, restoring shine and flexibility of hair. This is followed by a reconstructor that revives and regenerates the hair, enriched with aloe vera, keratin and saffron. Finishes with an intensely hydrating mask with shea butter./ *gift: paraffin hand therapy                                            


• Medical pedicure (without nail polish) – 40 lv. /Medicinal pedicure with softening foot foam, followed by exfoliation with bamboo and jojoba, massage and nourishing cream with avocado./ *gift: nail strengthener   

• Regenerating hand therapy and Longuеwear polish, ProNails – 45 lv. /Nourishing exfoliation with sugar crystals, followed by hand massage with amygdala. Finishes with a moisturizing mask with an anti-aging effect, enriched with glycerin./ *gift: quick-drying top coat

• Manicure and pedicure with Faby gel polish – 75 lv. /Lacquer with exceptional shine and a variety of long-lasting, quick-drying colors./ *gift: foot exfoliation                                                     


• Elleebana eyelash lamination and dye –  75 lv. /Lash lamination is a procedure for highlighting natural eyelashes, thanks to which they become longer, thicker and with an elegant curve. The treatment includes curling and fixing, followed by moisturizing care and coloring./ *gift: eyebrow cleaning

• Spirulina detoxifying facial therapy, Thalgo /60 min./ – 145 lv. /Thanks to the innovative complex with blue-green algae included in the product formulas, the procedure effectively eliminates toxins, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, refreshes, revitalizes and restores the radiant glow of the skin. The results are visible immediately after the first therapy: detoxified, smoother and revitalized skin./ *gift: warming spa gloves

• Regenerating skin peeling-resurfacing of the face „365 days“ pH Formula /60 min./ – 145 lv. /Innovative peeling to restore the skin, aimed at its needs, regardless of whether it has rosacea, acne or hyperpigmentation. A combination of a powerful complex of mandelic, salicylic and mandalic acids and a peel-off mask with activated charcoal that soothes and hydrates the skin./ *gift: handover: warming spa boots

• Facial beautifying card including 4 Forlle`d therapies: two Anti-age and two hydrating therapies – 495 lv. *gift: facial hyaluronic iontophoresis

• Brightening facial therapy for sensitive skin Forlle`d /60 min./ –  140 lv. /Restores the skin‘s lipid balance and regenerates cells, through concentrated serums enriched with proteins and hyaluronic acid, acting deeply hydrating and soothing on dehydrated and sensitive skin ./ *gift: hand mask                                      


• Deep-tissue massage of the body with coconut /60 min./ – 70 lv.  /Thick massage with coconut with a draining, healing effect, removing accumulated fatigue on the whole body and strengthening the energy flow./ *gift: soothing lavender tea

• Sculpting and slimming body massage Forlle`d /30 min./ – 75 lv. /The body sculpting massage in combination with a slimming gel, the effectiveness of which is created by a special formula with caffeine and citrus to correct problem areas. Prevents the appearance of stretch marks, drains toxins and erases cellulite./ *gift: finishing body product

• Sculpting and slimming body massage Forlle`d /30 min./ – 70 lv. *gift: finishing body product

• Relaxing body therapy Mirific, Guinot /60 min./ – 90 lv. /Relaxing aroma-massage with extracts of 4 vegetable oils, tea seed, passion fruit, evening primrose and argan. A real miracle for the senses, acting detoxifying, hydrating and relaxing on the whole body./ *gift: foot point massage

• Hydrating body card, including 5 relaxing massages with cocoa – 315 lv. *gift: card for 5 visits to the gym                                                


/The device is based on a unique sapphire cooling technology.Suitable for all seasons. Achieves safe, effective and painless hair removal/ 


• Laser hair removal: whole body – 340 lv. *gift: additional section   


• Laser hair removal: whole body – 320 lv. *gift: upper lip