• Gym card 15 visits /valid 2 months/ – 180 lv. *gift: sauna card 2 visits                                                                                


• Sauna card 15 visits /valid for 2 months/ – 225 lv. *gift: gym card 2 visits                                                                                                                              


• Solarium card 80 min. /valid 2 months/ – 70 lv. *gift: one-time tanning product                                                                            


• Hydrating therapy for dry and damaged hair Nutritive, Kerastase – 75 lv. /Washing with a cream-gel nourishing, deep cleansing bath enriched with ylang-ylang, followed by a restorative mask with iris root and benzoic resin./ *gift: Kerastase restorative finishing hair product

•Ammonia hair dye L`Oreal and hair dryer Joico – 90 lv. /Permanent hair dye with high resistance to fading, penetrates deep into the hair and provides longer-lasting color./ *gift: thickening hair care Joico                                                                   


• O.P.I classic pedicure – 50 lv. *gift: aromatic salts for the feet

• Organic manicure and pedicure with Faby gel polish – 85 lv. /Cleaning and shaping the nail plate, pushing the cuticles and applying gel polish enriched with argan oil, vitamin C and vitamin B5. The products have a 100% organic formula, without parabens and acetone./ *gift: foot exfoliation                                                                                                   


• Dr. Bach face lifting massage and eye contour patch mask with Ribeskin retinol /30 min./– 65 lv. *gift: nourishing hand mask

• Microneedle mesotherapy on the face with the Alma Beauty Reboost device /45 min./ – 145 lv. /Microneedle technology of a new generation, which acts deep into the skin through acoustic waves and concentrated mesococktails with vitamin C, zinc, silicon, glutamic acid and other stimulating the regeneration of cells, for loose, devitalized and tired skin./ *gift: point massage of hands

• Regenerating face therapy Age Summum, Guinot /60 min./ – 145 lv. /Gentle exfoliation, followed by a massage with serum with hyaluronic spheres and 56 biologically active ingredients, stimulating cellular renewal and skin lifting. It ends with a regenerating mask that restores the youth and radiance of the skin./ *gift: spa gloves

• Restorative face card, including 4 therapies Forlle`d: 1. Restorative therapy for face and eye contour preventing photoaging; 2. Anti-age therapy with platinum; 3. Therapy for the face and eye contour „Non-invasive biofiller“ – 575 lv. *gift: hyaluronic iontophoresis on the face                                             


• Deep-tissue body massage with mango /60 min./ – 85 lv. /A healing body massage acting on the deep layers of the skin and muscles. Removes pain and stiffness, enhances blood circulation and lymph flow, relieves nervous tension./ *gift: Guinot hydrating finishing product with golden shades

• Anti-stress body therapy Pacific, Thalgo /70 min./ – 120 lv. /Detoxifying exfoliation with white sand from Bora Bora coconut shells, sea salts and vanilla. This is followed by a deep, soothing lomi – lomi massage with aromatic tiara oil, which removes tension and stress./ *gift: a one-time visit to the aromatherapy sauna

• Sculpting card including 5 anti-cellulite therapies Slim Logic, Guinot /60 min./ – 550 lv.  *gift: sauna card 5 visits                                                             


/The device is based on a unique sapphire cooling technology.Suitable for all seasons. Achieves safe, effective and painless hair removal/ 


• Laser epilation of the whole body: chest and abdomen, armpits, whole legs and hands – 355 lv. *gift: additional section


• Laser hair removal for women, whole body: private parts, armpits, whole legs and hands – 295 lv. *gift: laser epilation upper lip