• Fitness card for 15 visits / valid for 2 months / – 115 lv * gift: card 3 visits aromatherapeutic sauna


  • Sauna card for 10 visits / valid for 2 months / – 90 lv * gift: fitness card for 2 visits


  • Solarium card for 70 minutes / valid for 2 months / – 55 lv * gift: disposable solarium product


  • Hair Shine Therapy K Water, Kerastase – 60 lv / Ritual for intensive shine, softness and lightness of hair by using lamella technology that creates a film on the hair and reflects the light./* gift: nourishing hair mask Kerastase
  • Thickening hair therapy, Tripple Impact and hair dryer, Kevin.Murphy – 65 lv / Patented technology combining the best of the nature, which gives a dazzling shine, density and volume./ *gift: restorative hair mask Kevin.Muprhy
  • Hair dye , L`Oreal and hair dryer Kerastase – 75 lv Durable hair dye with high resistance to fadeness, penetrates deeper into the hair and provides a longer lasting color. / *gift: Kerastase hair sealing ampoule


  • Medical pedicure /60 min. / – 40 lv / Healing pedicure with emollient foot foam, followed by exfoliation with bamboo and jojoba and nourishing cream with avocado./ *gift: nail conditioner, Microcell
  • Faby organic gel polish manicure and pedicure /90 min./ – 65 lv / Saturated long-lasting colors with 87% natural ingredients that maintain the strength of the nails and stimulate their growth./ *gift:moisturizing foot mask
  • SOS feet therapy, ProNails /50 min./ – 45 lv /Exfoliation with sugar crystals to remove dead skin from the feet, followed by a deeply hydrating mask with amygdala extract and glycerin, ending with a nourishing cream./ *gift: feet acupressure


  • Lifting face massage, Guinot /20 min./ – 45 lv / draining and sculpting massage that stimulates blood circulation, lifts and shapes the contour of the face and gives a fresh look to the skin./ *gift: regenerating facial exfoliation
  • Anti-age face therapy according to an individual prescription Forlle`d /50 min./ – 135 lv / Intensive facial therapy in combination with serums, enriched with hyaluronic acid, collagen, powdered eggshells and ionized minerals that reduce hyperpigmentation and erase signs of aging./ *gift: nourishing hand mask

      Regenerating skin resurfacing „365 days“ pH Formula /60 min./ – 140 lv / Active and effective solution to prevent the signs of aging, fight acne, scars and problematic skin. The powerful complex of salicylic and mandelic acid, penetrate into the deep layers of the epidermis and completely renew the skin./ *gift: warming spa gloves

  1. Antioxidant card for facial therapies, including 4 Forlle`d therapies – 685 lv /1. Whitening therapy with arbutin and peptides;
  2. Tightening lifting therapy for eye contour; 3. Anti-Age therapy and eye contour for dry and sensitive skin; 4. Non-invasive Bio Filler / *gift: hydrating facial massage Forlle`d


       Relaxing body therapy Mirific, Guinot /60 min./ – 90 lv / Relaxing aroma massage with extracts of 4 vegetable oils, tea seeds, passion fruit, evening primrose and argan. A real miracle for the senses, detoxifying, hydrating and relaxing the whole body./

*gift: warming spa boots

  • Zen body massage with a bamboo and lotus /90 min./ – 95 lv / Relaxing massage, removing the accumulated fatigue on the whole body, increasing the energy flow in combination with natural bamboo oil and lotus extracts, soothing and deeply hydrating./

*gift single visit to the sauna with aromatherapy oils

  • Card for Moisturizing body therapies, including 5 massages with hyaluronic acid Forlle`d /60 min./ – 360 lv *gift sauna card for 5 visits


          /The device is based on a unique sapphire cooling technology. Suitable for

all seasons. Achieves safe, effective and painless hair removal/


  • Laser hair removal of halves of hands, back and armpits – 220 lv *gift additional section


  • Laser hair removal of halves of the legs, intima and armpits – 175 lv *gift alba line