Aesthetic Treatments

Aesthetic treatments

Dr. Liudmil Peev, D-r Cvetomir Dimitrov and Dr. Stokova 

Mesotherapy with mesococtyles  – 280 lv
Mesotherapy with filler of 1 ml / 2 ml  – 300 lv / 580 lv
(refreshing, firming and hydrating of the skin)
Meso-lipotherapy with slimming effect  – 260 lv
(for cellulite melting and limited fat deposits)
Correction of active wrinkles by injecting botulinum preparation 10 lv for 1 UI
(1 UI = 1 International Unit)
Correction of active wrinkles by injecting botulinum preparation /whole face/ – 400 lv
Price for one botox zone (forehead, frown lines, crow’s feet)  – 130 lv
Filling of passive wrinkles by injecting filler  – 400 lv / 450 lv / 500 lv
Shaping cheeks or chin by injecting filler of 1 ml / 2 ml  – 480 lv / 950 lv
Cell therapy for face with its own stem cells REGEN – 360 lv
Cell face therapy with own stem cells, enriched with hyaluronic acid  – 450 lv

Biostimulation with the stem cells from its own blood plasma, which revitalises and regenerates the facial skin. Accelerates collagen production and elastane.

Mesothreads – price per piece – 15 lv

Dr. Ludmil Peev and Dr. Veselina Stokova are specialists in general and plastic /constructive,
reconstructive and aesthetic/ surgery, with lots of courses and specializations in minimum
invasive procedures – fillers and mesotherapy. They have completed postgraduate courses
in China, Italy, Spain, Monaco, France, Belgium, Turkey and Greece.

D-r Cvetomir Dimitrov, аesthetic plastic surgeon, who has participated in numerous professional trainings, qualifications, international forums and congresses in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery and intimate aesthetic surgery. He has passed master courses for applying Botox and fillers on the face and the body. He currently practices and offers his wide range of services in a renowned clinic in Sofia. Come and discover new dimensions in the world of beauty.